About us

OOO “Polyurethan” company specializes in manufacturing wide range of items using cast polyurethane: spare parts for industrial equipment and special machinery; auto parts and accessories for chassis and body tuning; variety of fasteners, sporting goods and hunting equipment, anti-skid devices and other items for general purpose. At the same time we also specialize in production of shock-proof windshields for snowmobiles and ATVs.


We are gradually improving our technologies, upgrading equipment, raising standards for raw materials and implementing new developments. That allows us to expand our opportunities, to improve product quality and to extend the range of services.


Due to its outstanding properties polyurethane can be widely used as a substitute for rubber, plastic and even metal products. We are doing our best to use as maximum of advantages of polyurethane as it's possible, constantly expanding the product range and opening new directions in manufacturing. But above all we strive to make the polyurethane more accessible not only for industrial purpose and car chassis modernization, but in every day life, applying polyurethane in production of various fasteners, sporting goods and hunting equipment.


Due to efficient solutions, proposed by our team, and adoption of new technologies, our company is growing rapidly and has already established itself as a reliable partner and supplier in the market of polyurethane products not only in Russian, but also in neighboring countries.


We are not going to stop on achieved, and we are ready for constructive dialogue with new partners and clients. We would be glad to offer our experience and knowledge to everyone who is ready for fruitful cooperation.